Listen: Wonderbug Share New Single ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’

Having shed their white boiler suits and evolved their name, Wonderbug (FKA Living Island), release their debut single ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’, returning as refreshed musicians with something to say, and not much to prove.

Engulfed in yearning guitars, vocalists Edie Chesters and Ollie McDaid touch on longing with unnerving candour; ‘I’m walking home, without much direction. / Assuming you’re fine, while I’m killing time. It’s just my perception.’ As the final minute passes, lead guitars and heavier-handed drumming underline the beauty of the melodies, as they implode into a goosebump inducing hum.

Produced by Yuri Shibuchi of Honeyglaze, the track comes as a part of the bands upcoming EP ‘Wait What?’ and advocates for a more earnest sound than their previous incarnation. With ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’, Wonderbug have concealed delicate layers which are revealed with each listen, simultaneously demarcating the sonic landscape they sound so confident within.

The new issue of So Young is out now. Order your copy in print here or read the digital edition below.