Listen: Working Men Club’s share Minsky Rock ‘MEGAMIX’

This solid twenty-minute mix from Working Men’s Club not only acts as a delectable teaser of their highly anticipated debut record, but it shows off the already developing tastes of it’s creator. Syd Minsky-Sargeant teams up with the album’s producer Ross Orton and twists the whole concept of WMC into a 4am b2b in a disused warehouse.

On a welcome infinite loop, the mix drips with industrial vigour – ┬áit’s metallic in it’s foundations but acidic in consistency. It seamlessly congeals into something you could stumble upon on a 12″ rarity and feel like you struck gold. While being euphoric, it’s undoubtably intense – the whirling elements of the original singles that it reworks possess all their vehemency, but are warped into an even sharper, trance-inducing stomp. Even the softer pop bounce of ‘White Rooms and People’ is reconfigured into a fizzing pill-dropper.

What the mix achieves is displaying their versatility. Where the singles have rightly thrived within the framework of a traditional pop single, embellishing them with pulsating bumps and mangling them into a tightly wound but inexplicably liberating blend breathes even more life into this increasingly invigorating project.

‘MEGAMIX’ simply comes to show that Working Men’s Club is more than just a band – it’s an ever evolving and engrossing living form.

You can preview the ‘Megamix’ below and listen in full here.

Header Photo by Piran Aston

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