Listen: Working Men’s Club Share Anthemic New Single ‘Widow’

Let’s agree, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a band blossom into its prime; and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing with Working Men’s Club right now. While their eponymous debut album is still fresh in our memory two-years after its release, the Todmorden four-piece gear up for the release of second full-length: ‘Fear Fear’; with the irresistible lead single ‘Widow’.

On that track, Working Men’s Club build on the foundations they laid out in their debut. Proceedings are decidedly less minimalist this time around, with the track bursting open into a blissful synth-pop anthem around the half-minute mark. Mastermind Syd Minsky-Sargeant once again combines sinister lyrics, with lively melodies that are equally melancholic, and forward-pushing. “Elate me as I stumble, down from the watchtower”, he muses. “Look into my eyes, hollow dead inside.” It’s perhaps not the most singalong friendly track in Working Men’s Club’s repertoire (belting along to the beat from ‘Teeth’ still takes that crown), but it’s without a doubt one of their finest dancefloor cuts to date.

‘Widow’ is an achievement that should also be credited to producer Ross Orton, who has worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and M.I.A. Forming the duo Minsky Rock, with Minksy-Sargeant, Orton has been a constant in Working Men’s Club evolving line-up; with ‘Widow’’s crystal clear layers of synths and drum computers, proving Orton’s worth not for the first, nor for the last, time.

‘Widow’ is the first taste of ‘Fear Fear’, which will be out on July 15 via Heavenly Recordings. “Me and Ross have worked tirelessly together on it this past year, and I’m really proud of the outcome”, Minsky-Sargeant said in a statement.

Photo by Lillie Eiger

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