Listen: Wunderhorse Share New Single ‘Silver’ from Upcoming Second Album ‘Midas’

With their 3rd single from their forthcoming album ‘Midas’, Wunderhorse calms things down with the prideful ‘Silver’.

‘Silver’ almost didn’t make the final cut of Wunderhorse’s new album ‘Midas’ (due 30th August) but we’re grateful it did as it serves as one of the most honest and genuine cuts from the band to date. The previous two singles from Wunderhorse (‘Midas’ and ‘July’) have shown their boisterous energy but on ‘Silver’, the band fall back and focus more upon frontman Jacob Slater’s winsome yet raspy vocal performance.

The lyrics detail a raw sense of self-loathing and filtering the parts of yourself you view to others. As one of Wunderhorse’s oldest songs, written long before this new album came to be, it’s one of Wunderhorse’s most emotionally personal tracks. The band has developed a knack for hitting close to home with their audience, thus the success of their debut single ‘Teal’, and ‘Silver’ set’s itself up to be a perfect sing-along addition to their live set, especially with a UK tour ahead of them this Autumn.

On the track, Slater says “The song is about that ugly side of yourself that you try to keep a secret but you know it’s there because it makes your skin crawl sometimes. It gets you places but fucks you up in the process. Everyone has elements of their makeup that they’d rather not admit to or keep locked away and never look at. That’s what Silver is about. Kind of.”

Photo by Polocho

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